So the journey started with an ad on Facebook “Amal Academy” and I clicked on that to get to know about this platform and also screened other social media sites to get information regarding Amal Academy (Facebook, Instagram) after that I came to know that one of my classmates was doing this fellowship contacted her to know more about Amal then I applied and got selected for spring career-prep fellowship. This is how I entered in Amal journey.

I would like to elaborate on it with a personal story. As we all AMAL fellows had our first-ever learning groups, we all had our first-ever detailed interaction and most probably we all loved it. I did. As the Third week approached, the end of the first learning groups, the fact made me super uncomfortable. Anyhow, the lists for new circles came and as I had been telling myself even before seeing my circle that I would not like it, I did not like it. ‘The Change’.

The Pomodoro technique helped me to get my task done before time. If I look back then I realize that I could deal with a lot of case studies of my patients with this time management technique. This technique helped to identify my distractions and eliminate them while doing work. From the day on which I came to know about this technique, I always plan my work by keeping this technique in my mind.

I would like to thank Mam Sahar Galib and Sir Saim for always supporting and guiding and also my circle (4) Malika, Abdullah Mehmmod, Aqib, Asfa,Ruqia and Nouman Thank you guys for always being my support system and for always listening to me.
This journey is about to end and it’s very hard to accept that after one week there will be no interactive sessions with all my fellows. Here I also want to add one more thing besides my circle members all my fellows of batch-178 are like a family to me I hope we will get in touch and would be happier to see each other on higher levels “Insha Allah.

@Thank you AMAL organization